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Onboarding Solutions for Employee Retention

Imagine your first day at a new job, filled with information and new systems, new people. It is one of the more intimidating times for most people, making it hard to concentrate and take in all the things one needs to successfully perform. Training often takes longer than anticipated or is cut short and a new team member is thrown in to learn as they go. We see this happen all too often and the result is reduced workplace satisfaction, low morale, and high turnover.

That is why we came up with the goal to produce a “turn-key employee.” EZ4U Training Solutions takes the burden off your leadership team and provides a gentle onboarding process to your new team members.  We start by teaching each employee about computer basics and Microsoft Office applications, building a foundation for daily use. Then we dive into how to use the systems that your facility operates on, EHRs that require in depth understanding for effective use. Finally, the team member is enrolled in modules that cover OSHA First Aid, HIPAA Compliance, and success courses like problem solving, empathy, and optimism in the workplace.

This 4-day course is a soft onboarding, allowing your new team member to be solely focused on learning and gaining the tools and resources to be successful. Walking into their new role with a strong understanding of systems and expectations of the role they are in, operating in an efficient and effective way from Day 1.

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